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Post NAMMblings

And This Just In…

Hello all, just wanted to babble a little bit on what’s going on since the NAMM show this past January.  (Heres a Dunlop demo vid at NAMM) 

And, here’s some cool video shot by The Liquid Canvas from the show at The Winchester back in December. (Liquid Canvas Vid)

Lots of good things 🙂 JSimms and myself will be returning to The Rocky Mountain Bass Slam this June, really looking forward to that!! February brings a meeting to schedule an instructional video to be shot at Terra State University here in Ohio! And in April, we have our annual Guitar Center/N. Olmsted- Bass/Rhythm workshop.

So, the plate is filling up, which is good. Also, although I can’t speak yet in full detail, an interesting little tour is shaping up for later in the year…Stay tuned on that…

Thanks friends,


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