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My Other Life

Doug? Doug who? Wait, do you mean Buzz over there?

That’s most likely what you would hear on any given day… if you happened to see my two worlds collide. Few people in my Car World know me as Doug, but even fewer Music World people know me as Buzz.

It’s just always been this way, and I’m okay with it. You see, I’m fortunate enough to enjoy more than just my musical career. I have a whole “other life” as a race car chassis designer and fabricator, and in that other life, I’m known only as Buzz Johns.

Designing and handcrafting race cars is something I’ve been doing for as long as I can remember. It was my father who instilled in me the addiction to horsepower, and at a very early age, he taught me the art of fabrication.

Today, I build race car chassis for World Championship drag cars,  I sub-contract for NASCAR, and I have my own drag car, currently running 8.80’s at 160mph. My car can definitely go a lot faster… just need some more cubic dollars 🙂

It’s only been very recently that I notice my two lives colliding: more  car lovers are finding me out in the music world. I think it’s a really cool thing because I see music and fabrication going hand-in-hand with each other.

Whether I’m designing a drag car or composing my next bit of super funky music, I see myself strictly as an artist, using creative foresight, goal-setting and hard work to create something new and unique.

So, next time we meet out at a show, if I hear you say, “Hey Buzz,” I’ll instantly have a smile on my face. I’ll know then and there that you have the same addiction I have (for which there is no cure): horsepower!