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Looking for a New Bass?

Look No Further!

You might remember I spent a few days this past summer with Mike Pedulla, trying out just about every bass in his shop. Well, some really great video (and audio!) from my Pedulla fantasy camp has just been posted on Pedulla’s YouTube channel. Click the photo to check this out!

Have you ever wished you could check out every bass in the Pedulla line, all at once? Well, now you can! These new videos were made with the intention of truly showcasing the unique qualities of each bass. I strongly recommend watching and listening with a good set of headphones. The differences in tonality really come through.

One Pedulla bass you won’t see in these videos is mine. For that, stop by the Pedulla booth at the NAMM show. I’ll be performing on Saturday 1/21 at 11am and 3pm. Click on Shows/Events to the left for details.

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