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“Jam” Packed Weekend Coming Up

Celebrate Life!

This coming weekend (July 22 – 24) promises to be both sweet and bittersweet as I finally achieve a long-time dream and sadly, also mark the passing of a dear friend.

First, the dream: I will be spending a couple of days with Mike Pedulla AT THE PEDULLA SHOP!! Talk about a kid in a candy store! Although the premise of the trip is to shoot some photos for an upcoming Bass Gear Magazine article about Pedulla’s Nuance, my real motive is to finally experience the place where Mike makes the magic happen.

Andrew Fleck

I’ll be back in the Cleveland area on Sunday, July 24th for a benefit concert event in honor of my friend, Andrew Fleck, who passed away unexpectedly earlier this summer. I hope that everyone reading this will stop out at Mike’s Barn for an event meant to celebrate the life of not only a remarkable guitar player and composer, but also the most kind and gentle soul I may ever know. Every penny of the $10 admission price will benefit Andrew’s family and guarantees a full day of music, fun and memories to spare. Check out the “Shows / Events” page for more info.

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