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Go West to Grandma’s Music in Albuquerque

Over the Mountains & Into the Canyons

Drummer Eddie Garcia will be grabbing the drum chair for a rhythm workshop and Doug Johns Duo performance on Saturday, September 17th. Thanks to the great people at Grandma’s Music, look for an “ask anything” atmosphere meant to create an afternoon of community for all musicians – with a focus on the groove, of course! Things get started at Grandma’s at 1:00 on the 17th. Details Here.



After the workshop, I’ll be hopping a quick flight to Arizona before setting out on a long drive to the canyons of Utah. I’m really looking forward to a great hike in an amazing landscape – although it’s not the canyon pictured here – and all of the inspiration my time with nature will bring. There’s nothing like a few days in Canyon Country to get that next recording rolling!

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