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Doug’s 3rd CD….

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Stank is not your typical funk CD, as Johns learns to bend the genres beyond a category. You can hear this player’s voice beginning to emerge beyond the groove, which makes this CD an overall impressive effort by a man that clearly loves his art, loves the groove, and loves being part of the music continuum… highly recommended.

Bass Musician

Jake Kot -December 2010


What continues to impress about Cleveland-based Doug Johns is he’s more intent on placing his bass in rich and varied musical settings among top musicians than he is on showing-off his considerable chops.

Bass Player Magazine – April  2011


Stank is funk fusion for the future. If Johns can’t get your ass moving you might be dead, although the zombie couch crowd will get equally slammed by these fat, slammin’ Stank funk instrumentals.

MWE3.comJanuary 2011


The style of Johns is undoubtedly very original…. able to combine powerful groove and phrasing with other instruments, particularly the horns. Namaste is characterized by a veiled intimacy, underlined by Johns’ acoustic guitar and delicate sound of Johns’ fretless… With You in Mind is a piece of authentic musical poety.

Artists &

Andrea Marchegiani -November 2010


Doug’s music crosses many styles and genres at the same time keeping the music totally cohesive and flowing nicely…… in the pocket grooves, punchy horns, tasteful compositions, refined bass solos, and well-balanced contemporized instrumentals. From new bassists to well-seasoned thumpsters, Stank will definitely have you craving your guitar.  4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

Cashbox Magazine

Scott Thomas –November, 2010


With his arsenal of tapped, slapped and finger-style patterns, Johns offers up a modern groove classic with Stank. It’s the kind of funk you can’t wash off, and won’t want to.

Review at Abstract

Bill Meredith January, 2011


Stank offers a satisfying variety of grooves, all woven together thematically with horns, Hammond organ, ultra clean slapping passages and more.  Doug Johns is a very talented writer, arranger and player.

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Jon Liebman /Feb. 2011

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