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The Dougumentary: April 7th Trailer

Premiers April 7th at Terra State CC

I am so grateful to Terra State CC’s video club for what is about to be my very first movie premier! Their film, A Dougumentary, makes its debut in Fremont, Ohio, on April 7th at 7:30pm.

The Dougumentary steps back from the music – but not completely – and gets to know who I am as a human. I haven’t seen anything more than the trailer yet, so I can’t wait for Terra’s Celebration of the Arts Festival in April.

The festival is a week-long event in April, and it’s open to the public. I’ll be playing with JSimms that night, too, so come and see the show! 2

830 Napoleon Road | Fremont, Ohio | 4.7.2014 @ 7:30pm | 419.334.8400


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